Postdoctoral Research Assistant in thermoelectric heat-to-electricity conversion in molecule-nanoparticle networks (2 posts)

The overall objective of the project is to study thermoelectric heat-to-energy conversion in ordered molecule-nanoparticle arrays for potential applications in solid-state waste-heat recovery and cooling. You will fabricate devices base on molecularly linked gold nanoparticle networks and study their electronic and thermoelectric properties from 1.5K up to room temperature.

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Fully funded PhD studentship in Molecular Network Heat Engines

This project will make use of nanoparticle arrays that serve as a template structure to incorporate single molecules. In these networks, nanoparticles form the electronic contacts to the molecules and the overall electronic and thermoelectric behaviour of the network is determined by the ensemble-averaged properties of the nanoparticles and molecules as well as the network structure.

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Fully funded PhD studentship in Advanced 2D Materials for Quantum and Bio Nanotechnology

This project is part of the A*STAR Research Attachment Programme, through which students spend the middle 2 years conducting research at one of the A*STAR Research Institutes in Singapore, under the supervision of an A*STAR supervisor. Year 1 and the final 6 months will be spent at Queen Mary University of London.

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Summer internships

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