We are a research group based at the School of Physics and Astronomy at Queen Mary University of London. Our main research is focused around the question ‘How does electricity flow through an object the size of a single molecule?‘ This covers a broad range of topics – from fundamental studies of quantum transport in carbon nanostructures and electron-phonon interaction in single-molecule junctions, to applications including molecular biosensors and phase change memories.

Recent research highlights

41467_2019_12625_fig2_html.pngA quantitative understanding of the mechanism of charge transport in molecular junctions is not only vital for the future development of functional molecular electronic circuits but can also shed light on the electron transfer reactions in areas such as photochemistry, electrochemistry and catalysis. In our latest paper in Nature Communications we show that the transport properties of our molecular junctions are determined by a combination of electron–electron and electron-vibrational coupling, and are sensitive to interactions with the wider local environment. Furthermore, we assess the importance of nuclear tunnelling and examine the suitability of semi-classical Marcus theory as a description of charge transport in molecular devices.


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