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  • Anchor Groups for Graphene‐Porphyrin Single‐Molecule Transistors

    The effectiveness of five different anchor groups for non‐covalent interfacing to graphene electrodes are compared in this recent paper in Advanced Functional Materials. A family of six molecules is tested in single‐molecule junctions: five consist of the same porphyrin core with different anchor groups, and the sixth is a reference molecule without anchor groups. The…

  • Challenges in fabricating graphene nanodevices for electronic DNA sequencing

    Graphene-based electronic DNA sequencing techniques have received significant attention over the past decade and are hoped to provide a new generation of portable, low-cost devices capable of rapid and accurate DNA sequencing. However, these devices are yet to demonstrate DNA sequencing. This is partly due to complex fabrication requirements resulting in low device yields and…

  • Low-Frequency Noise in Graphene Tunnel Junctions

    Our new publication in ACS Nano reports on the study of electrical noise in graphene tunnel junctions fabricated through feedback-controlled electroburning. These measurements reveal a high sensitivity of the graphene tunnel junctions to their local electrostatic environment, with observable features of inter-trap Coulomb interactions in the distribution of current switching amplitudes.

  • Alex’ viva

    Congratulations Alex on successfully defending your thesis ‘Spin resonance in novel environments’!

  • Pawel’s viva

    Congratulations to Pawel for the successful defence of his thesis ‘Graphene Tunnel Junctions for Nanoelectronics and Biosensing: Intrinsic Electronic Noise and Response to Environmental Factors’